Why Did Hamas Attack Israel?

I found this analysis called “Why Did They Attack Us?” by Shai Eden, an Israeli digital creator and businessman, to be helpful in understanding the wider picture of what is going on between Israel and Hamas. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Mr. Eden says, and I find him to be inconsistent in several places. However, I think Mr. Eden explains well how the Israel-Hamas situation is related to a wider Russian-Iranian-Chinese alliance as opposed to a Western-Sunni-Israeli alliance. The translation is from Hebrew to English, done by Google translate and polished by me, Bill Schlegel. Original Hebrew Post by Shai Eden, digital creator & businessman. Oct/27/2023 (with additional links and maps) Translation begins: _ _ _ _ _  Why did they attack us? Despite the hatred, and love of death of Hamas, the reason for the timing and size of their a

"Jesus is God" Denies that Jesus is the Christ

Listen to this teaching on the One God Report podcast episode #108 , or here on YouTube . When I first came to understand that the man, the human person Jesus of Nazareth, is God’s Christ (the Messiah המשיח ), the human Son of God, quite a few of my former Trinitarian and deity-of-Christ-believing friends accused me of “denying Christ”. Here I was confessing and proclaiming that Jesus is the Christ, yet many people were saying I was denying Christ! I understand what they were thinking, since I probably would have thought something similar 10 years ago. To the Trinitarian, or deity of Christ believer, to “deny Christ” can mean several things, but chief among those things is to “deny” that Jesus is literally God; more specifically, to deny that Jesus is one member of a tripersonal god who became human. So, in a sense, they were right. I was denying that . [1]   But is that what the New Testament means by “denying Christ”? There are several New Testament scriptures that speak o

#Walk Away: Why I Am Not a Trinitarian

A faith journey:  I believe in God the Father, and in Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.   I was born and raised in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN at a time when kids played outside all day in the summer and house doors were not locked at night. I am the second of four boys. We were a somewhat typical American suburban family. Dad went to work, kids tolerated school, and mom stayed home until kids got older. Jumping ahead for just a moment, for most of our adult lives we were not typical as the four brothers lived in more or less four different continents. My older brother a pilot in the USA, me a teacher in Israel, next brother a teacher in Japan, and the youngest brother a doctor in Switzerland. To hear this article on the One God Report podcast, click here .   My dad was agnostic about religious things and although not being opposed to others involvement in church, he was not a church-goer. My mom was more involved in church things and made the effort to bring her four boys. In o

"Jesus is Lord" means Jesus is NOT God

In Romans 10:9 the Apostle Paul states that part of salvation depends on a person confessing with their mouth that “Jesus is Lord”, or the “Lord Jesus”.   We will come back to the translation issue later. This episode aims to show that, contrary to traditional Christianity’s belief, to claim that “Jesus is Lord” (or the “Lord Jesus”) is NOT a claim that “Jesus is God”.   Rather, when the Apostle Paul, like other writers of the New Testament, uses the title “Lord” for Jesus, he differentiates Jesus from God.  To hear audio of this podcast, click here: Another way to state this truth: in his epistles Paul uses the title God for God (the Father alone), and the title Lord for the human person, Jesus the Lord Messiah.   In One God Report podcast #3 called “LORD or Lord: Does Calling Jesus Lord mean that Jesus is God?”  we discussed the nuances and confusion concer